Congratulations to all the 2013 Finalists of the Call for Solutions Competition!

The 2013 Showcase of Solutions and WEST Summit was a very successful event, a gathering of change agents to deepen our understanding, engage our thinking, bring together a diversity of elements and people to create a resilient civilization. Starting from this event we are going beyond talk to analysis, action and implementation.
We all need to all work together to bring these solutions to life. We primed the pump by selecting 90 of the best solutions we could find. And now, we need your help in connecting the dots -- creating ecosystems of solutions, make connections between various solutions, funding sources and other resources that can work together to transform our shared future, to benefit our community, region and planet.
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 Solution  #  

Title of Solution

3 The WBCSD Global Water Tool©
4 Multi-Strain photobioreactors to produce ethanol and other compounds
5 Predicting Urban Irrigation Rates for Silicon Valley Using Satellite Remote Sensing
6 EnergyPoints Analytics - "The world's first true energy ERP"
7 Community-based Flexible Workplace Centers
8 Bushman Rain Harvesting
9 SupplyShift - The Internet for Supply Chain Sustainability
10 Low-Cost Long-Life High-Efficiency Solid-State LED Lamp Power Supply
12 Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone
13 Photobioreactor Sculptures
14 Kinetic Energy Recovery from All Vehicles (KERAV)
15 – Community Garden Network Program (STF-CGN)
16 TRASH on your BACK™ Challenge - What's your trash impact?
19 Village Industrial Power Plant
20 Nautical Torque Technology
21 re.source: sanitation service for urban slums
22 Energy Storage System for High Penetration of Renewables and Decreased Use of Fossil Fuels
23 iSTAR Living Literature
26 AERC|Com-Cycle: Sustainable electronics recycling
28 Earthship Biotecture
29 The SpatioTemporal Epidemiological Modeler
30 Water Conservation
31 The Energy+ Household - the complete residential solution
32 MyVerdafero - Utility Optimization Platform
34 Creating Manufacturing Efficiencies
36 International Centre for Earth Simulation
38 Reclaimed Water Pasteurization and Energy Recovery
39 Clean Local Energy Accessible Now (CLEAN) Program
40 Distributed Generation + Intelligent Grid (DG+IG) Initiative
41 Gravity Power Module Bulk Electricity Storage
42 Indow Windows
44 Sustainability Education Online
45 China Dream
46 The Loma Prieta Center for Sustainability Education, Science, & Workforce Development
47 Panelshake - Recycled Plastic - Natural Fiber Composite Roofing Panels
50 Sustainable Solutions for Tourism Destinations
51 Changing Energy Behaviors with Cool the Earth Gamification App
52 Smart Grid Beyond Meter Reading: Enhancing the Sustainability Future
53 Swift Tram
54 WattzOn for Employees
55 Living Builidings
56 Micro gasification
60 NASA World Wind: Open Infrastructure for Spatial Data
61 The LWR* Project
62 AutoCat: More Energy—Less Pollution
63 Sunflower ECO
64 Single Wheel Small Footprint Electric Scooter
65 Sustainable Power System Design & Performance Assessment Program
66 Noyo Headlands: Opportunity for a Sustainable Future
69 A Bullet Resistant 32.0 kWhr .Battery Saline Electrolyte with Ceramic Electrodes
70 Global Alert - Floating Trash
71 Plastic Disclosure Project
72 Mosaic
73 Civic Ecology: A Citizen-Driven Framework for Resilient Communities
74 TOTO Drake II 1G Ultra High-Efficiency Toilet
76 Business Intelligence for Sustainable Management
77 The Bridge to the Vehicle-to-Grid Future, Starting Now
78 CarbonStory
79 Environmental Product Labels at Scale
81 Beyond Sustainability—Regenerative Development
82 Mountain View Cohousing Community
83 Parking Charges + Incentives: Reduce Commuting by 23%
85 Energy-Saving of Office Building Lighting-orchestra (TM)
86 DIY Democracy--Key to a Sustainable Planet
88 EV ARC™ (Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger) Station
89 Project ME4
90 StartupNectar, the Biomimicry Incubator
91 ECOR® The intelligent use of cellulose fiber
93 Greening the Chambers Initiative
94 Mission: Resiliency -- the Game That Grows in your Community
95 Envision Solar Tree® Structure
96 Net-Zero Non-Potable Water Strategy: On-Site Storm and Wastewater Treatment
97 High performance shrouded wind turbine, "Wind-lens" turbine
98 The Green Ninja
99 A mobile biochar producing vehicle
100 Spaceship Earth Mission Control
102 iAct Dialogues for Sustainability
103 Glass Bay - Mendocino
104 AstroSolar: Solar energy and science comes together
107 U. S. BioSensors Inc.
108 MBA Polymers