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The Green In LinkedIn

"Environmental stewardship is critical for the sustainability of our company and it’s also really important for our talent," says Katie Ferrick, Senior Manager of Community Relations at LinkedIn. “People want to go to work for a company that has a good environmental reputation.” Ferrick also serves as Planning Commissioner for the City of Menlo Park with experience in local land use, and works with James Morgensen, Head of Global Workplaces at LinkedIn, to support the company’s growth in a sustainable way.Read more
September 19, 2015


SAP: Changing Minds Through an Integrative Approach

At Sustainable Silicon Valley’s annual summit, WEST 2014: Net Positive Call to Action, Senior Vice President of Sustainability Strategies at SAP, Thomas Odenwald, spearheaded a Conversation for Action titled “Data & Metrics”. Thomas used the announcement of SSV’s new initiative, Net Positive Bay Area, with the goal of making the Bay Area a net positive region by 2050, as a launch pad for the discussion. Read more
Dec 9, 2014


Daintree Networks: Pioneering Sustainability with Open Wireless Building Controls and Energy Management

About Daintree Networks

Daintree Networks holds a prominent position in Silicon Valley as the leading supplier of open,intelligent wireless lighting, temperature, plug loads and other controls, for commercial and industrial buildings. These products streamline and optimize the way in which building owners and operators manage and monitor their energy usage. Daintree is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and has offices across the U.S. and in Melbourne, Australia. Read more
Nov 11, 2014


Get to know Raj: Accenture, Sustainability, and Cloud Computing

Raj Padmanabhan is a Management Consultant who is a part of Accenture’s Software-As-A-Service practice with an extensive background in Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM). He helps implement cloud solutions at some of the largest companies in the world. He also assists startups with their CRM strategy and operations. Recently, Raj was a co-lead of Accenture’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team within the Technology Growth Practice. He is also a veteran volunteer with Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV). Read more
Oct 10, 2014


Santa Clara University: Santa Clara University's Energy and Climate Neutrality Initiative

SCU’s Smart Microgrid allows the campus to control, monitor and measure electricity production and consumption onsite in real time, from a single computer screen, thus maximizing energy savings. The Wind Turbine can begin generating power at 0.5 miles per (mph) instead of the 7.5 mph traditionally required. It’s auto shut-off mechanism kicks in at 38 mph, protecting it from any damage that could be caused during a windstorm. The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) named SCU as having one of the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic installations in the U.S. in 2011. Read more.

August, 2014


Prospect Silicon Valley: Connect, Demonstrate, Commercialize

The Bay Area is home to many industry leaders and emerging innovators who are developing the next generation of technology for cities around the world. However, bringing these technologies to market is not easy. What innovators need is a platform to connect, demonstrate, and commercialize their products. Prospect Silicon Valley (ProspectSV) is the first nonprofit “commercialization catalyst.” Douglas Davenport, the founding Executive Director of ProspectSV, explains that being a commercialization catalyst means “providing resources, expertise, and technology to emerging companies who often have difficulty in accessing these resources.” Read more.

August, 2014

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Argos Analytics

Enhancing Climate Resilience
Business leaders need to understand how climate change can affect their company. More importantly, they need to identify which of the myriad of potential impacts are most significant and when they need to take action. Argos Analytics of Menlo Park, CA provides public and private sector clients with a quantitative picture of the magnitude and likelihood of the relevant physical impacts using its proprietary Trace™ system. Read more.

May, 2014

Sustainability Commitment
Mitsubishi Corporation Americas (MCA) is a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, a general trading company of Japan. MCA is a holding company of North-American based business entities that offers high-value-added services in a broad range of business fields. Mitsubishi Corporation and its affiliates worldwide have continuously adhered to the following three Corporate Principles established in 1934: Corporate responsibility to society, Integrity and fairness, and International understanding through business. Read more.

April, 2014

Inspiring Sustainability Initiatives
Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) has demonstrated remarkable progress and effort to promote energy efficiency, sustainability and restoration within their operations and facilities. The PAUSD Sustainable Schools Committee has spearheaded many of these efforts and continues to push for continuous improvement. The District has been recognized by the city of Palo Alto as a “Leader’s Top Performer” through the EPA’s Energy Star Program - a distinction achieved when the average of all PAUSD buildings is rated a 75/100 or higher on the program’s grading scale. Read more.

March, 2014

Vision of Sustainability 
Silver Spring Networks, Inc. (NYSE: SSNI) is a leading networking platform and solutions provider for smart grid energy networks. For over ten years, Silver Spring has been delivering open, standards-based IPv6 network infrastructure to connect 17.5M homes and businesses on five continents across the world’s harshest outdoor conditions and topographically diverse environments. Read more.

March, 2014

VTA Helps Keep the Valley Green
As both a transit provider and a multi-modal transportation planning organization, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is driven by a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. On the operations side, VTA is replacing older buses that are at the end of their useful life with hybrid diesel-electric vehicles. One-third of VTA’s bus fleet has been converted to hybrids resulting in 25 percent better fuel economy and reduced air emissions. Read more.
March, 2014

Symantec is a leading corporation that provides means of securing and managing vast amounts of information for clients of all sizes. The company’s core businesses are consumer, endpoint security, storage management and backup. 
Symantec has incorporated environmental stewardship as an integral part of their business strategy. The company’s policy focuses on four main components: Green IT, Resource conservation, Responsible Sourcing, and Travel and Events. With a focus on innovation in responsible use of resources and integrating environmental sustainability to their customer offerings, the company manages operational impacts as well as product and service development for clients. Read more.
February, 2014

Rideshare & Carpool App
SAP, a world’s leading business software company, has developed a new innovation that allows organizations to more effectively engage their employees in ride-sharing to work called TwoGo by SAP. Delivered over the cloud, TwoGo may be instantly rolled out across organizations, allowing employees an opportunity to be matched into carpools automatically and according to their individual preferences. The app helps facilitate better networked and more productive employees. Similarly, companies can reduce costs for corporate fleets, parking infrastructure and travel expenses. Read more.
January, 2014

Sustainable Silicon Valley has a new partner, ePantry. Welcoming ePantry to the SSV family, Marianna Grossman, Executive Director said, "SSV is delighted to welcome ePantry as a new partner pioneering the green economy and making people's lives easier in the process."
ePantry CEO and founder Stuart Landesberg noted, “We have tremendous respect for SSV's approach, vision, and reach in making sustainability a true front of mind issue around the Silicon Valley ecosystem. ePantry is thrilled to support SSV's efforts and partner to further the positive impact on our communities and far beyond.” Read more.
December, 2013

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