10. Low-Cost Long-Life High-Efficiency Solid-State LED Lamp Power Supply
LED lamps today cost too much and don’t last long enough. LED lighting is extremely efficient, using about 75% less power than incandescent. Lighting consumes 22% of commercial electricity in the U.S., and this consumption will be slashed to 10% when lights convert to LED. Many countries are banning incandescent lighting, but widespread adoption of LEDs is slowed by cost, reliability, and lifetime. When LED lamps fail, the cause is often the driver. When the driver fails, the cause is often the capacitors. LED Drivers are extremely challenging to design, because the LED is not a constant load but varies with time and temperature. A few companies are developing “AC LED drivers” with no capacitors, but they have not yet been widely accepted.
Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc (ALT) has solved the cost and lifetime issues of LED lamps by developing a low-cost, long-life, high efficiency, solid-state, dimmable LED lamp technology, with no electrolytic capacitors. ALT’s AC driver technology is applicable for a wide range of power, from 1 watt to 300 watts or more. ALT’s LED driver solutions accommodate the varied requirements of the broad range of LED lamp applications. ALT provides solutions of higher performance and lower cost than existing solutions in each application evaluated to date. ALT's LED Driver solutions will accelerate the adoption of LED lighting. A LED lamp is made of several components including the LEDs, the Driver, a housing, a heat sink, some electrical connectors, and some optical components (lens). Today, the majority of the cost of a LED lamp is in the LEDs chips. However, the cost of the LED chips is projected to drop by an amazing 96% over the next 8 years. Like solar, the balance of system costs become much more important. In the case of LEDs, the next largest cost besides the LEDs is the Driver. And the Driver is the key to a long-life high reliability lamp.
Why it should be recognized:
The conversion to LED lighting is projected to save more electricity in the next decade than all the electricity generated by all the solar panels in the world. Advanced Lighting Technologies has developed what an optimal solution for the complex problem of power supplies for LED lamps.
Submitted: Dec 11, 2012
Author: Ray Martin
  • Energy (Resources)
URL: www.alt.us