13. Photobioreactor Sculptures
The world needs energy. Why not make energy from an investment in art. I would like to build sculpture that grows energy from primordial algae. The sculpture manifests this by becoming A photobioreactor which is a closed or semi-closed system in which light and nutrients are supplied to the system in an attempt to maximize algal biomass. Nutrients can be in the form of pollutants,so the sculpture can facilitate bio-remediation. It also consumes CO2, reducing greenhouse gases.The algae can than be used to generate biodiesel. The biodiesel could be used to run machinery and vehicles etc. As an alternative to energy production the Photobioreactor sculpture could also be used to produce Spirulina blue green algae as a food supplement.
To make this dream a reality I need to work with engineers to get the science right in the machine. I would need a multitude of disciplines to collaborate with and produce construction documents for manufacturing. I would need to contract a manufacturer to fabricate the sculpture/machine. I would also need to hire a phycologist to help with the algae strains most appropriate for use with the sculpture. I would like to build a small scale mockup as proof of concept before marketing to attract costumers for the larger sculptures.
Why it should be recognized:
It is my hope that through recognition of this work of art we can provide beauty to the world that serves purpose and promotes sustainability
On Feb 20, 2013 charles.lee said: I have worked with several groups in Europe Central America and USA who were very interested and we have even had consultants brought in but we have never got funding to build a prototype yet. That's why I submitted it is to try to make progress.
On Feb 19, 2013 Steve Hipskind said: Concept won a "Hatch Fest" in 2008; don't see any evidence of progress beyond the concept
Submitted: Dec 15, 2012
Author: Charles Lee
  • Energy (Resources)
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  • Water (Resources)
  • Culture and Engagement (Human Systems)
  • Invention & Innovation (Human Systems)
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  • Food/Agriculture (Industry)
  • Energy Capture, Transport, Storage (Planetary System)
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