40% of all energy consumed is through building operation. The greatest sustainable solutions for the planet will come in the form of building systems. The BIOS-FIN system was designed with this in mind.
The flat panel photobioreactor typology used for growing strains of algae are a wonderful candidate to be incorporated into a building facade system. They would make excellent vertical light blades for daylight control. I also think system could be even more robust if it not only absorbed CO2 from the building occupants through photosynthesis but it could also biofiltrate greywater waste. I was also inspired by the salt flats in the bay that change color due to different strains of algae and bacteria colonies at different salinity periods in relationship to the exciting work of Craig Ventner with synthetic dna in algae which was highlighted by color. I was also inspired by living bio-filtration ponds structured as artificial wetlands and how the bacterial and algae could be isolated from this process and expressed in a facade of flat panel bioreactors. What if GMO algae strains were color coded to show the different strains of algae in the different phases of filtration? The resulting system Light Filtering, CO2 absorbing, Greywater Purifying, Bioenergy producing facades. The BIOS-FIN (Functionally Integrated NutraFilters)
Why it should be recognized:
If the bay area wants to lead in all fields of technology related to Green Industry, Biotechnology and building systems this is an excellent system to promote. If we do not advance this technolgy there are others across the globe who will and America must stay competitive.
Submitted: Dec 19, 2012
Author: Charles Lee
  • Energy (Resources)
  • Materials (Resources)
  • Water (Resources)
  • Product/Service Design (Enterprise)
  • Infrastructure (Regional)
  • Resource/Waste Management (Regional)
  • Utilities (Regional)
  • Food/Agriculture (Industry)
  • Manufacturing/Supply Chain (Industry)
  • Energy Capture, Transport, Storage (Planetary System)
  • Water Cleansing, Transport & Storage (Planetary System)
URL: http://inhabitat.com/bios-fin/