23. iSTAR Living Literature
The question to be asked is “why is it so hard to implement sustainability in today’s society?” The next generation of leaders crawls among us. To permeate sustainability throughout the world we must educate our children on what it means to be a global citizen: that our actions and inactions impact the people we love and the planet we inhabit. We are all connected in a unique, beautiful, ever-changing world.
iSTAR is less a product than a platform – an online platform for parents, teachers, authors, and illustrators who seek to deepen the relationship of storytelling with kids. iSTAR is a new form of living literature that puts children at the center of each creatively unique story. This collaborative platform uniquely crowd-sources content generation, offering each user a perfectly personalized story while allowing uninhibited growth of content to choose from. Fully customizable children’s books, with a focus on lessons of sustainability and community, will help deepen learning by doing. Unique personalization of each story gives ownership to the audience, with each reader becoming the star of their own story. By making this personalization as realistic as possible with the dynamic use of actual photos and names, the story truly comes to life, engaging like never before. Books will be provided both digitally and in print. iSTAR will create value for its stakeholders by supporting a deep, rich interactive environment that will delight and engage a new generation of sustainably minded people.
Why it should be recognized:
Research shows people spend $3.1 billion on children's books annually. With e-books and apps on the rise, there are new opportunities to turn traditional storybooks into interactive experiences. With children's stories holding 6 of the top 10 paid iPad book-app sales in 2011, the introduction of the app-market increases market size from $3 billion to $30 billion. Beyond this viable market exists a need: a need for our future leaders to understand and consider a more integrated, global community. The solution is our kids. iSTAR is the platform to moving forward.
On Feb 20, 2013 maggie.cutts said: I like this approach to sustainability - easy to understand, foundational, educational and fun!
On Feb 20, 2013 lindsey.kugel said: With my first on the way, I would love to use this to bring sustainable ideas into my son's life!
On Feb 20, 2013 elsa.arcila said: Love it!, I want to create my own story, can't wait!
On Feb 20, 2013 juan.norton said: Great idea to bring together publisher, writer, designer and reader. Everybody wins! Love to be able to create my own story, showing the kids real Latin American tales that are not able in English.
On Feb 20, 2013 sarah.vared said: I love the engaging element and the personalization! Definitely want to buy for my nieces and nephews.
On Feb 20, 2013 sam.ruben said: The notion of creating an engaging, personalized way for children to engage deeply with sustainability and community is an idea that is badly needed. This is a great way to achieve that!
On Feb 20, 2013 danielle.ginach said: I love iStar's blend of personalization and education in creating a truly engaging platform.
On Feb 20, 2013 tom.flannigan said: All of my kids would love this. All of them!
On Feb 20, 2013 meghan.french said: This is brilliant!!
On Feb 19, 2013 ayaka.emoto said: This is amazing. I am so excited to buy it and check it out.
On Feb 19, 2013 sunya.ojure said: I want to buy these books for my niece!
On Feb 19, 2013 stephanie.ciancio said: I love the empowering nature of iSTAR - that it truly serves as a platform for them to create their future rather than consuming the status quo.
Submitted: Jan 07, 2013
Author: Jason Walter
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