30. Water Conservation
Water shortage is a worldwide crisis. Today's world faces a greater demand for water. The world population is growing and more and more rivers, lakes and streams are being polluted. Tomorrow’s challenges are already at our door and we must act now for our future. Intelligent Irrigation manufactures a Subsurface Pressurized Irrigation system that reduces watering by up to 80% over sprinklers and up to 30% over drip systems. It also reduces fertilizer use and eliminates water run-off and evaporation of surface water This system will change the way we water the world. You can grow more food deliver less fertilizer and aerate the root zone with the Aquajet irrigation system. Billions of gallons of water can be saved by eliminating surface evaporation and water run-off. Growers, Cities and Municipalities, Residential and Commercial properties will all benefit cut cost and conserve water. When you water in the root zone the water gravitates down and recharges the water table and aquifers.
We supply a game changing subsurface pressurized irrigation system that uses up to 80% less water, eliminates toxic chemicals and reduces maintenance costs 50%, while increasing plant health and yields. The Aquajet irrigation system has a parallel jet spray 6 to 8 inches under the surface there are no effects from the heat or wind and watering under the surface eliminates water run-off. No longer do we have to water sidewalks or streets or see wasted water running down the gutter or running into our rivers oceans and streams. We can now greatly reduce fertilizers and pesticides from contaminating our water supply. The Aquajet is the perfect delivery system for liquid fertilizers and organic nutrients. When you deliver your nutrients in the root zone you reduce the amount needed. The proprietary configuration of a two tier PVC pipe and the Differential Pressure from the top chamber to the bottom delivery chamber is what makes the Aquajet the most efficient way of irrigating. The Aquajet Irrigation System is more than an irrigation system it is a delivery system that delivers air water and nutrients right into the root zone in the same watering cycle when it is most beneficial. The Aquajet is installed in a grid pattern so you have full 100% water uniformity in the root zone. When you water with overhead watering it is important to know what happens to the water after it leaves the nozzle. Some of the water is evaporated by heat, some is blown away by wind, some falls on the debris and leaves where it is then evaporated and some falls to the ground where a certain percentage will actually reach the root zone. With the Aquajet Irrigation System 100% of the water is put right where it is needed in the root zone. This system will change the way we water the world. You can grow more food, deliver less fertilizer and aerate the root zone with the Aquajet irrigation system. Aeration to the roots is an important factor to keeping a plant healthy for many reasons. If the roots are not properly aerated then the effects of oxygen stress are more damaging to roots. High soil moisture on the top soil is also a big factor in inhibiting aeration to the roots due to the water filling the pores and therefor blocking the avenue of air to the roots and causing the small amounts to dissolve in the water which are then depleted at sites of high activity of micro life. Root depth has a major impact on how often plants need water, deeper rooted plants need less frequent watering. You need to encourage a deep root zone and the Aquajet subsurface pressurized irrigation system does exactly this with its deep root watering capability. All of our customers will benefit from water savings, no runoff, no evaporation, no effects from the wind or heat. With the Aquajet you will see more vibrant colors thicker leaves and fruits and vegetables with more nutritional value. Markets: Our first targeted market is the home garden and raised bed garden market. This market has come to us and we are now getting repeat business. The irrigation system is user friendly and less expensive than what is typically being used now which is drip systems and all the emitters. This market is growing and doubling by the year throughout the United States and the World. Our second targeted market is the State Agencies in California that are mandated to reduce water consumption by 20% and eliminate water run-off. Our technology is uniquely positioned to achieve both of these objectives. Caltrans, the largest single user of water in the state of California, is one of our main customer targets. This The Caltrans Los Angeles market alone irrigates 6000 acres which is represents a $6 million accessible market for us. Our third targeted market is Agriculture in arid climates which represent a $100+ million global market. Although this market is larger than our first target market, we first have to secure international patent protection and build relationships with foreign partners who understand local customs, customers, and business practices. We have a potential customer in Saudi Arabia and Iraq who would like to do a joint venture with us. This will validate our product in the International Market. Our fourth target market are Municipalities who are interested in reducing water consumption, eliminating costly sprinkler head replacement, and rampant vandalism of above ground sprinkler systems. This addressable market is estimated at $20 million in California alone. We are in the process of developing relationships with various Civic Leaders and Council Members who are interested in saving water and reducing the operating cost of city government, so critical in this economy.
Why it should be recognized:
Intelligent Irrigation LLC is the only manufacture of the Subsurface PRESSURIZED Irrigation Technology. The Two tier proprietary design along with the Vortex Union is what makes this system different from the rest. The differential pressure between the top larger chamber and the smaller bottom chamber and the way the water transfers from the top chamber to the bottom delivery chamber via the vortex union is what pressurizes it and gives it equal water distribution all through the grid system and It is this function that gives it a parallel jet spray right in the root zone. This is the only subsurface pressurized irrigation system. It is also one of the only self-aerating systems in the world today. This system has proven to work in all types of soils from compost to sand to clay it has been tested in all types. This is obviously a game changing disruptive technology that will water the world in a more intelligent way.
On Mar 08, 2013 stanley.arcieri said: Truly a game changing product. Very innovative on how the system is pressurized and shoots air into the roots. This looks like an excellent invention
On Mar 08, 2013 henry.smith said: This is a great product. It is about time that someone invent a serious way to conserve water. No run off no over spray no evaporation what an idea. I also like the pictures and videos on their web site
On Feb 22, 2013 Daniel Rasky said: An important innovation that can have large scale impact on water and fertilizer use, and reducing ill effects of water run-off.
On Feb 22, 2013 betty.lopez said: I really like this system
Submitted: Jan 09, 2013
Author: Robbie Buff
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