32. MyVerdafero - Utility Optimization Platform
Problem – Commercial utility costs are a major expense, continue to rise and are difficult / impossible to pass on to customers. Companies are constantly striving to cut costs and increase profit. Operational savings directly increases NOI. To be more competitive businesses are being forced to better manage their overhead expenses and focus their attention on real cost saving solutions. No single solution exists today that allows a company to easily track, analyze and report key metrics on an entire organization’s utility data to drive cost savings across multiple facilities and locations. Verdafero now provides that solution – MyVerdafero. Opportunity – US TAM is in excess of $5.2bn/yr based solely on SaaS subscription fees for our target markets. Larger overseas markets are on target roadmap within the next 2 years. With the continued rise in utility expenses and squeeze on corporate profits the market is seeking real software solutions that effect bottom line profit.
Solution - MyVerdafero has been developed as a comprehensive ‘big data’ business analytics & sustainability management platform, covering all utility expenses, not just energy. It provides the business professional with; • Company-wide, multi-facility SaaS tracking, analysis and reporting functionality • Key comparison data and insight to make quick & informed business decisions based on real analysis • Scalability to cover all utilities across multiple locations and facility type • Configurable to specific business based metrics for key comparison analysis MyVerdafero - Utility Optimization Software Suite A unique cloud-based software (MyVerdafero) platform that brings immediate resource and cost savings to organizations with multiple facilities and branches. MyVerdafero provides an inexpensive online solution that gives the user an easy to use, in-depth, value based examination and view of their utility expenses and usage (electric, gas, water and waste). It gives the user direct feedback on projects and initiatives to help reduce usage and directly increase profit across multiple facilities and locations all in a simple, easy to use dashboard view at the click of a button. MyVerdafero makes measuring, tracking, setting reduction goals and reporting easy. MyVerdafero Measures and Tracks: • The ability to upload utility data (energy, water, waste) and view all utility expenses within a simple, straight-forward, easy to use platform and report to stakeholders as necessary. MyVerdafero Reports: • Allows for easy month-to-month and yearly comparisons. MyVerdafero Alerts: • MyVerdafero includes live reminders and indicators to draw a user's attention to important factors effecting their utility expenses and environmental footprint.
Why it should be recognized:
Given the urgency and requirement for all businesses to reduce overhead expenses and maximize profit MyVerdafero is the business management platform to enable property owners and operators to fully understand their costs and usage across all their utilities, not just energy, and take appropriate actions to reduce costs, usage and carbon footprint. MyVerdafero gives the user the insight and focus to make immediate savings.
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On Feb 25, 2013 shannon.miller said: Sounds like an effective and important tool. It would be great to visualize utility expenditures this way.
Submitted: Jan 10, 2013
Author: Alastair Hood
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