42. Indow Windows
Buildings consume the largest amount of energy in the United States and windows are the largest source of energy loss from buildings. According to the US DOE, 44% of all residences in the United States still have single pane windows. The problem is particularly acute for homes built before 1950 that have architecturally significant but very drafty windows. These homeowners typically had to choose between continuing to suffer from drafts and high heating bills, spending large amounts on replacement windows, or making the unappealing choice to install exterior storm windows. Indow Windows addresses this multi-billion market with a radical new solution: a thermal window insert that presses into place on the inside of a window frame without requiring the installation of an interior frame. If we consider only our beachhead customers who live in owner-occupied homes built before 1950 with household incomes between $60 and $250k, our initial TAM is 5.7 million homes/$4 billion.
An Indow Window is a thermal window insert that presses into place on the inside of a window frame without requiring the installation of an interior bracket or frame. Once installed the inserts completely block cold drafts, double the R-value of single pane windows, cut energy bills by up to 20%, and reduce noise coming through the windows by 50% or more. The fully installed product costs about 50% less than a low-end vinyl replacement window and about 80% less than a wood replacement window, which is the preferred option in older homes. The mechanical design is radically simplified and consists of a sheet of acrylic glazing edged with our patented Compression Tubing. Our dealers use a laser measuring system to capture the precise dimensions of the inside of the window frame and we make the Indow Window the exact same shape but slightly larger. When pressed into place the tubing compresses evenly all the way around, creating a spring force that holds the Indow Window in place while sealing out cold drafts. The tubing takes a low profile when compressed so that the Indow Window almost disappears when installed. While the product is simple the company has developed an end-to-end custom IT system we call the Measure/Order Data Interface (MODI) to allow us to serve the national market. MODI allows us to manufacture custom inserts that fit precisely each time, which is much harder than it looks since 95% of the Indow Windows we make are for window frames that are significantly out of square. A great fit is critical for optimal performance (no gaps around the window) and aesthetics. MODI consists of three major components, a dealer portal used to create estimates and manage orders, our measuring application, and the administrative portal that we use to manage the manufacturing of thousands of parallelogram and trapezoid shaped windows each a unique size and shape. Once installed Indow Windows dramatically reduce air infiltration through windows, which is a major source of energy loss and a dramatic cause of discomfort. Testing by Portland State University’s Green Building Research lab demonstrated only .024 CFM of air infiltration during a blower door test, an 80%+ reduction from a single pane window by itself. Indow Windows achieve almost complete elimination of air infiltration during normal operations. Portland State’s testing also indicated an 87% increase in the R-Value when an Indow Window is placed inside a single pane window with a resulting R-value of 1.87, which is 94% of the R-value of a standard double pane window. When placed over a single pane window, Indow Windows reduce noise coming through the window by 10dB, equivalent to a 50% reduction in the perception of noise. Indow Windows come in five grades: Standard, Museum Grade (filters out 98% of UV radiation), Commercial Grade (coated for extra abrasion resistance), Privacy Grade (lets light but not detail through) and Acoustic Grade (reduces noise coming through the window by 18.9dB, equivalent to a 70%+ reduction in noise. Indow Windows install non-destructively which has several significant advantages. First, the installation is quick and quiet permitting us to insulate all the windows in a home in just a couple of hours. Second, the installation process avoids disturbing any lead contamination that typically is an issue with any window replacement project for any home built before 1978. Finally, Indow Windows preserve the architectural character of the structure, and are the preferred solution for reducing energy loss and increasing comfort in historic buildings.
Why it should be recognized:
According to the US Energy Information Administration buildings consume 41% of all energy in the USA. In residential and commercial buildings almost 50% of that energy is used for space heating and cooling. Windows are the largest single source of energy loss from residential structures, bleeding out around 30% of heating and cooling energy. When we consider the issue of climate change windows may be the single most important problem. Indow Windows addresses this issue with a radically simplified product. As we grow we will drive down unit costs so that we can address all one billion single pane windows in the USA. To tackle this vast problem we have created a complete, scalable solution that delivers product that fits precisely despite the challenge of making each insert to fit a unique geometry. Out of the 3,500+ Indow Windows we have installed so far only 7 have failed due to mismeasurement. Our quality has resulted in extremely happy customers yet like any start up we must expand our brand nationally. Recognition through the EcoCloud contest would build awareness and credibility. Our mission is to provide our customers with comfort and quiet while helping them achieve financial and environmental harmony. As we become more efficient we will share the increased profits with our customers through lower prices, with our employees through higher wages, and with the company through reinvested earnings that will fuel more revenue growth and carbon reductions.
Submitted: Jan 15, 2013
Author: samuel pardue
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