54. WattzOn for Employees
Employers are looking for ways to meaningfully increase employee engagement in sustainability, and to track and measure results. At the same time, saving energy at home can make a significant contribution to household income. The typical family spends over $5000 per year directly on energy (gasoline and utility bills.) The opportunity is to connect the dots, to help consumers save energy at home via an employer-sponsored program. And to engage all employees: renters/owners; drivers/telecommuters; and all income levels. Consumers spend over $300B per year on energy at home, and over 50% is waste. Employee engagement programs can scale to have significant impact.
WattzOn for Employers is a personal energy management platform that increases employee engagement in sustainability. Used by over 500,000 consumers, WattzOn's tools and applications have helped residents save 10 - 20% off of utility bills through habit changes alone. Key for employers is the national reach of the WattzOn platform -- as it connects to utilities across the country -- and the turnkey nature of the solution -- with easy on-boarding, summary reporting, and employer-branded monthly energy savings statements & messaging. Through technology, WattzOn provides personalized services in three key areas: *Daily habits -- Text messages, alerts, small contests and all sorts of "digital nudges" keep users engaged in the daily actions that really add up. * Seasonal habits -- Monthly statements carry extra messages, such as coupons to local stores, the Ask Kate advice column, and timely reminders on those small tasks -- such as changing furnace filters -- that make energy saving easier * Smart, energy-saving purchases -- WattzOn provides tools, wizards and buying guides for those infrequent purchases. Use the Appliance Advisor to find energy efficient fridges, right there in the store. Use the solar wizard to see what your energy bills would be after going solar. Helping employees across the span of actions does two things: It makes the program useful for ALL employees; It aggregates savings opportunities, so each employee can reach that 50% mark over time. And don't forget -- WattzOn for Employees rolls up all employee savings for corporate reporting.
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The bottom line: There are few employer offerings that can engage ALL employees in living sustainably. And where else but in saving energy can consumers can reduce household expenditures without sacrificing quality of life? WattzOn for Employers uniquely addresses each problem by connecting the dots. And because of its ability to scale nationwide and to provide value to ALL employees, WattzOn for Employees can play a significant role changing corporate culture across diverse locations and populations. And, finally, saving energy strengthens communities. When consumers save energy, they spend majority of the savings locally. The spending boost ripples through the local economy, and creates local jobs. (See the WattzOn white paper for detailed and peer-reviewed analyses of this result.)
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On Feb 23, 2013 marianna.grossman said: This is a practical, integrated solution that uses data analytics, insights into human behavior and techniques to deliver information in a fun way that changes behavior and helps people save energy and money.
Submitted: Jan 24, 2013
Author: Martha Amram
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