58. Go100Percent.org
The world's leading scientists have issued a mandate. Humanity must rapidly change the conventional fossil and nuclear dominated energy system to a sustainable one based on efficiently used renewable energy or risk losing planetary habitability. Gloom and despair are not healthy options. Focusing on solutions is. Each of us is part of the problem. Each of us can also be part of the solution. Go100Percent.org shows the solutions and details how millions of people around the world are working toward them. Read more on attached brochure.
"If you don't change directions, you may end up where you are headed." - Lao Tzu In order to change direction, people need hope and practical information of how to change and what to expect when they get there. It is not enough to talk about the problems. People need to see, understand, and implement solutions. Go100Percent.org is the first global virtual community to show that being powered by 100% sustainable renewable energy is not only urgent, but also achievable. The project invites people to step into a new reality where they can learn about hundreds of examples of buildings, neighborhoods, cities, regions, nations, businesses, and institutions with 100% renewable targets. Some have already achieved, or even surpassed, those targets. Such pioneers are inspiring people to ask of their own communities, “If there, why not here?” The website has an interactive map that shows where 100% renewable energy projects are happening around the world. Mapped so far at the time of this writing: 8 Countries, 41 Cities, 49 Regions, 8 Utilities, 21 NonProfit/Educational/Public Institutions, totaling more than 40.8 million people (and counting…) who have shifted or are committed to shifting within the next few decades to 100% renewable energy in at least one sector (e.g. electricity, transportation, heating/cooling). Go100Percent.org also features an online library of studies, book and film tips, video interviews, and news reports on the theme of 100% renewable energy. A social media page on Facebook provides an opportunity for community building and global dialogue around the 100% renewable goal. Anyone curious about, striving for, or who has achieved this aim is welcome to join the Go100Percent community. Visitors to the website come from homes, companies, governments, schools, and NGO's from virtually every continent. Even in its current pilot, all volunteer phase, the project has already begun to motivate a growing coalition of leaders to advance a global goal of 100% renewable energy. Read more on attached brochure.
Why it should be recognized:
1. It is the first project of its kind. 2. It is an all volunteer labor of love. Recognition can help us raise awareness and funds to take the project to the next level of outreach, functionality, and sophistication. 3. Without people on board on a mass scale embracing the transition to 100% renewable energy, we cannot succeed in mitigating the global crises caused by conventional energy use. Policy can catalyze change. But it is up to people on the local level to carry it out. To help meet this need, it is critical to galvanize a global network learn about, promote, and advance 100% renewable energy solutions. Go100Percent.org is a unique portal that is filling this niche and has the potential to do so on a mass scale.
Submitted: Jan 27, 2013
Author: Diane Moss
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