64. Single Wheel Small Footprint Electric Scooter
Target Markets: Our market includes people in urban settings that frequently find themselves walking long distances on foot because of traffic congestion on the roads, limited parking spaces, and inefficient public transportation. Ideally people want their own quiet, energy efficient and green transportation solution that allows them to move easily on sidewalks, city squares, pedestrian precincts, train stations and other public spaces. They prefer to interact and flow with other pedestrians as if they were walking in a crowd but they don’t like being confined in city buses and trains. If they have to use a train they want to take their personal transporter on the train with them, into lobbies and elevators, and at the end of the day, into their apartments or condos.
RYNO Motors Inc., Portland, OR, is focused on providing highly innovative, eco-friendly, mobility solutions in the personal transportation market. Utilizing balancing and ride enhancing technology, RYNO has developed a breakthrough, single wheel, electric cycle which allows consumers to move through their community, business and environment in a highly efficient and exceptionally flexible manner. Products /Services: RYNO’s product is a lightweight, highly maneuverable, multi-purpose, all electric vehicle. RYNO’s products are suitable for individuals, businesses, and governmental entities. The cycle’s small footprint enables elevator access to offices, apartments and condos as it transports individual riders through, around and in-between the obstacles that crowd dense urban cites. RYNO’s hallmark is astounding ease of use on a one wheel vehicle. The RYNO cycle is designed to resemble a conventional motorcycle in its controls, its riding position and operational feel. What’s different is that it’s only half as long and, with the rider’s feet, can pivot 360 degrees on a vertical axis. This allows a rider to enter an elevator, spin around, press the floor button and then effortlessly back-up like any other person that is walking.
Why it should be recognized:
Other than the Segway scooter, no other product has the ability to allow so many people to seamlessly transition from long haul transportation like trains and buses to local pedestrian centric mobility uses. The RYNO form factor has finally hit the perfect combination of power to climb hills, range to get to work and back and is small enough to mingle with dense crowds of people at eye level. By placing their feet on the ground when stopped a rider can tip-toe forward or pivot on axis in a way that is not threatening to other pedestrians. With over 5 million views already on some of it YouTube videos and 5,000 views a day on its web site, RYNO Motors is already a world product. It deserves the chance to deliver on the promise that is already in high demand.
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On Feb 22, 2013 robert.means said: The RYNO further extends the entire concept of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) beyond existing electric bikes and scooters. With a top speed of 25 mph and a range of up to 30 miles, RYNO out-performs 20 mph/15 mile e-bikes. Here in Silicon Valley, with elbow room not as constrained as metropolitan areas, LEVs with a typical cycle configuration (including motorscooters and motorcycles) and lower price tags will likely dominate the market.
Submitted: Jan 29, 2013
Author: Christopher Hoffmann
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