72. Mosaic
With new advances in technology and financing models, solar is becoming an increasingly affordable way for Americans to increase energy independence, hedge against rising fuel costs, cut carbon emissions and create local jobs. At the same time, an estimated 75% of Americans can’t go solar on their homes due to structural, shading or ownership issues. That’s where Mosaic comes in. Through Mosaic’s marketplace, individuals come together to invest in solar projects that benefit communities and the investors. All of Mosaic’s solar investments are carefully vetted to minimize risk while maximizing return and impact. Along with earning a solid financial return, investors are helping to build the clean energy economy and benefit important community organizations.
Mosaic democratizes the financial and environmental benefits of clean energy by letting everyone invest in profitable solar power projects. Mosaic uses crowdfunding to aggregate capital from retail and institutional investors, generating competitive returns to investors on its platform. Through this model Mosaic aims to make impact investing more tangible, personal and profitable while building up the clean energy economy. The idea for Mosaic grew out of our founders' work on a Navajo reservation in Arizona, where they helped shut down the Black Mesa Coal Mine of Peabody Energy. The mine not only polluted the area, but distributed energy unequally - in many cases running power lines right over homes that had no electricity or running water. We launched Mosaic to ensure that the new energy economy would not only be clean, but also democratic - allowing those communities that typically couldn’t access clean energy to benefit from it. To date, Mosaic has raised $1.1M from more than 700 investors to finance twelve rooftop solar power plants in California, Arizona and New Jersey. We hope that Mosaic will soon be shorthand for a collaborative model of clean energy investment that has created solar power and shared prosperity all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people will create clean energy through Mosaic and tell their friends that it gave them the financial security to retire or save for their children’s education.
Why it should be recognized:
Mosaic’s unique crowdfunding platform allows everyone to take part in and benefit from the growing clean energy economy. Our mission is to create the leading platform for the new economy and allow everyone to benefit from the clean energy revolution. We see a huge opportunity for transitioning our world to clean energy and we want to make it possible for everyone to prosper from this massive transformation.
Submitted: Jan 30, 2013
Author: Lisa Curtis
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