74. TOTO Drake II 1G Ultra High-Efficiency Toilet
TOTO’s Drake II 1G ultra high-efficiency toilet (UHET) consumes a mere one-gallon per flush, offering consumers aggressive water-saving benefits by reducing their water consumption by more than 35% over 1.6-gallon toilets, a water savings of more than 5,000 gallons of water per toilet, per year. The gravity-fed, two-piece Drake II 1G Double Cyclone marries flawless performance and exceptional bowl cleansing action to ultra high-efficiency water-savings, creating a clean, green flushing system that saves homeowners money, water, and time.
High efficiency toilets are often not equally effective at removing the full range of waste; solid, liquid or even paper. This can make them less attractive to consumers, which increases annual water consumption. Dedicated to developing technologies those actually meet peoples’ real needs, TOTO has developed a one-gallon per flush that delivers substantial water savings and outstanding, balanced flushing across the entire spectrum of waste. Double Cyclone Flushing System: The new Drake II 1G with its Double Cyclone Technology delivers ultra-high-efficiency flushing using only one gallon of water. Its Double Cyclone technology features two water jets, instead of rim holes. These jets, positioned on each side of the bowl’s interior deliver powerful swirls of water. The flushing action is strong and all types of waste are flushed away effectively. The bowl and rim are cleansed thoroughly with the flush. What makes this even more noteworthy is that all of this is achieved using a gravity-based Double Cyclone technology. This means that consumers can now get well-balanced, powerful, ultra-high-efficiency, 1.0 gpf flushing without having to buy a toilet that uses complex pressure-assist technology—thereby avoiding the considerable noise of pressure-assist toilets’ flushing as well as their highly pressurized internal tanks. This puts the Drake II 1G toilet in a class by itself. Why Gravity and Not Pressure-Assist? Recently, based on disclosures of personal injuries, property damage, and safety concerns attributable to pressurized systems, several of the major North American toilet manufacturers issued widespread product recalls for their pressure-assist toilets. TOTO, which has never sold pressure-assist toilets, expects to see exceptionally robust interest in the new Drake II 1G from consumers, builders, architects, designers, and contractors who are looking for an especially high-level of water savings in an ultra-high-efficiency toilet that avoids the risks of pressure-assist systems. SanaGloss: The handsome Drake II 1G’s bowl and concave rim are coated with SanaGloss, TOTO’s nano-technology glaze that seals the porcelain with an ionized barrier. This creates a super-slippery, non-porous surface that repels waste matter and bacteria. When protected by SanaGloss, the water that cleanses the bowl and rim during the flush also removes stains, residue, scaling, and lime buildup. Invisible organisms, including bacteria and molds, also are eliminated. When cleaning the bowl, consumers will need fewer harsh detergents, which are expensive and harmful to the environment. Universal Height: The Drake II 1G is a Universal Height toilet. At 17” from base to seat, this ergonomic design is comfortable when sitting or rising, making it an attractive, two-piece, ADA-compliant toilet.
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Toilets are by far the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of residential indoor water consumption. Using the Drake II 1G Ultra High-Efficiency Toilet can reduce water use in the home and help preserve the nation's water resources. Nationally, if all old, inefficient toilets in the United States were replaced with ultra high-efficiency toilets like the Drake II 1G, we could save more than 520 billion gallons of water per year, or the amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls in about 12 days.
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On Mar 05, 2013 steve.hindman said: The summary reads like an advertisement. It would be better to see more description of the technology that makes the toilet low flow.
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