88. EV ARC™ (Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger) Station
EV’s produce zero tail-pipe emissions, however, in regions that depend heavily on conventional fossil fuels for electricity generation, EV’s may not demonstrate a life cycle emissions benefit over conventional vehicles. There is a simple solution: solar energy generation. Solar energy is clean, free, and abundant. The drawback is that you need to build an infrastructure to capture and store the energy, so that EV’s can charge using this clean, renewable energy source. Typically building an infrastructure takes a lot of time, money, and maneuvering through bureaucratic roadblocks to accomplish. The power grid isn’t the answer either. Street transformers are designed to cool down at night and if EV owners plug-in at the same time, these transformers won’t have a chance to cool. This can cause the transformer wires to melt, causing a short, and blacking out the local load it serves. We can anticipate these types of problems, but wouldn’t it be best to find a way to avoid them?
The unique and patent pending EV ARC™ (Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger) is the worlds first fully autonomous, fully mobile, fully Renewable Electric Vehicle Charging station. Designed and fabricated in the U.S. by an American company, it is dimensioned to sit comfortably inside a standard parking space (9'x18') and is ADA compliant. The 2.3kW Solar Array generates approximately 16 kW hours per day, which is stored and ready for use in the 22 kW hour battery storage. Clean, solar electrical generation is enhanced by Envision’s proprietary and patent pending tracking solution - EnvisionTrak™ that causes the solar array to follow the sun as it moves across the sky. EV ARC™ stations will fully charge one EV per day or offer 1/4 charges to multiple vehicles in city environments where users will park in them while having lunch, running errands or taking a meeting. The electricity provided to the EVs is 100% renewable, clean and solar powered making the EV’s that charge from EV ARC™ stations 100% emissions free unlike when they charge from the Grid which in the U.S. takes more than 75% of it's generation from carbon based fuels. Mounted on an attractive, ballasted pad, the EV ARC™ does not require any foundations, trenching, electrical upgrades or even a building permit. It is 100% self-contained and is delivered to the site ready to use on it's own undercarriage. Deployment time is about 5 minutes instead of several weeks for a traditional, grid tied EV charger. If the host site later prefers a different site for the charger they can simply move it. Furthermore the host will not experience any increase in utility bills caused by kWh charges or demand charges resulting from use of the chargers.
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Envision Solar’s cutting edge EV ARC™ stations (Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Chargers) with EnvisionTrak™ are the ideal solution to provide the only self contained, fully autonomous solution to charge EV’s with solar generated power. They are designed to meet the needs of Electric Vehicle charging in an architecturally accretive manner, while reducing carbon footprints through the production of renewable energy and the shading of vehicles from the sun. The EV ARC™ stations offer the perfect combination of form, function, and sustainability and do not require costly and risky trenches or foundation or any electrical grid connection. The EV ARC™ is a freestanding, fully autonomous renewable electric vehicle charger and features zero emissions and zero impact to any local, pre-existing infrastructure. The EV ARC™ unit will arrive fully assembled, tested, and calibrated for guaranteed functionality and performance. The EV ARC™ will be ready for immediate use. "Driving on Sunshine" offers the most exciting new experience for America's motorists since the invention of the automobile. EV ARC™ delivers that experience, attractively, efficiently and in an economically viable manner. EV ARC™ is right for the environment, right for the consumer, right for the Grid and right for America.
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On Mar 21, 2013 eckhart.beatty said: As a San Franciscan, I see this as a most versatile solution for the urban world. You know, now over half of the world's population live in cities. Granted we need to use public transit and bike as much as we can, but cars have their place, too. Make sure you endorse EVs and city beautification today, so we can get EVs in our neighborhood streets tomorrow.
Submitted: Jan 31, 2013
Author: Lindsay Adams
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