90. StartupNectar, the Biomimicry Incubator
StartupNectar is a systemic solution solving multiple problems within our current systems - economic, ecological, and social. Much of our current economic activity and market solutions produce a level of negative externalities that are at best affecting our health, shaping the global socio-economic landscape towards increasing inequity, having an impact on other species on our planet, and at worst threatening our existence due to climate change linked to standard practices within our current economy. By emulating nature's strategies and 3.8 billion years of R&D, Biomimicry is a science-based resource for creating products and human systems in line with how all living systems on our planet function. Projected economic impact of biomimicry by 2025: $300 billion annually of U.S. gross domestic product 1.6 million U.S. jobs $50 billion in mitigating natural resource depletion and reducing C02 pollution $1 trillion of global GDP
Startup Nectar, the Biomimicry Incubator enables early stage Biomimicry informed start ups to access resources and gain traction in the marketplace. Our vision is to co-create a resilient, adaptive, and thriving economy inspired by nature’s best strategies. Our goal is to generate lasting value in alignment with Earth’s operating conditions and the principles of living systems. The mission of Startup Nectar is to increase the number of viable biomimetic products, processes, services and organizations by incubating new entrepreneurial ventures and delivering value in the world in line with Life's Principles. The model for incubation is informed by how nature creates conditions conducive to life and serves as a prototype for a global network of Biomimicry incubators benefitting from the curriculum, process, and resources developed by Startup Nectar. We are the first Biomimicry Incubator focused solely on incubating startups with a Biomimicry-informed solutions through a process that is itself informed by Biomimicry. We have developed a curriculum that integrates entrepreneurship and Biomimicry, as well as global leadership skills and organizational structures as living systems. The San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley provide fertile ground and diverse nutrients for launching this venture: Entrepreneurial culture Diverse funding sources: angel, VC, foundation, public Top-tier research institutions Abundant human and intellectual capital Hotbed of tech and biotech innovation Innovative incubation models Rapid prototyping resources Corporate interest in biomimicry Deep sustainability ethos and thought leadership Municipal resources and support Local pioneers with global influence Integrated urban-natural environment We are focused on pre-funded startups (with up to $25,000 in seed funding). Our 6 month incubation program offers: Office space for 6 months Structured proprietary weekly curriculum - business essentials informed by Life's Principles High touch, one-on-one mentorship (business plan, investor pitch, financial modeling, marketing strategy, etc.) Access to biomimicry subject matter experts Access to service provider network Access to network of potential co-founders / early team members Investor pitch and presentation coaching Access to investors (pitch at 6-month graduation) Seed Investment Incubator programs are largely designed to serve the needs of a single stakeholder group (pipeline for deal flow for VC-run incubators, pipeline for R&D for corporate incubators, admissions/funding goals for university incubators, economic development goals for city-run incubators) - our model is designed to serve the needs of and return value to all key stakeholders. A specific example of an industry we are participating in shaping is 3D printing and bio-materials - we are currently working with a 3D printing manufacturer (best in class in mid-range printers) and several bio-plastics startups to intervene at this critical stage of the development of the 3D printing supply chain towards a more sustainable one.
Why it should be recognized:
StartupNectar is a keystone in the developing Biomimicry economy - it increases the number of sustainable solutions in the marketplace, evolves the incubation model for new ventures to one based on nature's strategies and in line with social/environmental/economic systems, trains entrepreneurs in new leadership models, organizational models, and new ways of operating in the marketplace based on a scientific approach. The need for StartupNectar has been noted by Biomimicry through-leaders and practitioners, as well as leaders in the entrepreneurship space, such as Janine Benyus, author of the book Biomimicry, Larry Stambaugh, Executive Director of the Center for Bioinspiration and 30 year veteran entrepreneur, Christian Hauselmann, Co-founder of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association, Bryony Shwan, Executive Director of the Biomimicry Institute, and many others. Amidst the systemic benefits of StartupNectar's solution, incubators have been shown to be one of the most effective paths to job creation for federal dollars spent: “Business incubators produce the greatest number of jobs per $10,000 in EDA investment, at a federal cost per job of between $2,001 and $4,611” US Economic Development Administration study
Submitted: Jan 31, 2013
Author: Lina Constantinovici
  • Energy (Resources)
  • Information (Resources)
  • Materials (Resources)
  • Water (Resources)
  • Communications (Human Systems)
  • Culture and Engagement (Human Systems)
  • Human Behavior Change (Human Systems)
  • Invention & Innovation (Human Systems)
  • Knowledge Development & Transfer (Human Systems)
  • Customers (Enterprise)
  • HR/Engagement (Enterprise)
  • Leadership/Strategy (Enterprise)
  • Operations (Enterprise)
  • Product/Service Design (Enterprise)
  • Stakeholders/Community/Infrastructure (Enterprise)
  • Supply Chain (Enterprise)
  • Industrial Ecology & Cradle-to-Cradle (Regional)
  • Finance/Insurance/Investment (Industry)
  • Air Quality Regulation (Planetary System)
  • Climate & Natural Hazard Regulation (Planetary System)
  • Disease & Pest Control (Planetary System)
  • Energy Capture, Transport, Storage (Planetary System)
  • Habitation Systems (Planetary System)
  • Pollination (Planetary System)
  • Population & Biodiversity Management (Planetary System)
  • Radiation Protection (Planetary System)
  • Soil Vitality, Erosion & Chemical Pollution Control (Planetary System)
  • Waste Recycling (Planetary System)
  • Water Cleansing, Transport & Storage (Planetary System)
  • Ocean System (Planetary System)
  • Food Production, Transport & Storage (Planetary System)
URL: www.startupnectar.com