92. Patrizia's Sustainability Synthesis- a sustainable decision-making framework
Teach individuals, business, corporations, and government officials how to make sustainable decisions using Patrizia's Sustainability Synthesis
What if you could make a very important decision without pressure, anxiety and with the confidence needed to take action, knowing the results would set you on a path of health, happiness and prosperity; and knowing your decision is a sustainable decision not only for your self personally but for the planet and for future generations? The world is changing too fast; we can no longer trust only our instincts, nor just our logic, but need to add the heart to make sustainable decisions. Check short video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3EPx9LxLSE. At the planet level, we need to consider the physical, social and economic impacts of our actions now and over time. Patrizia's Sustainability Synthesis bridges the gap from the personal to the planet level analysis, and synthesizes the findings into new solutions- sustainable solutions. It is like developing a third party's perspective for the subject in question bringing into balance reason and logic, and financial consideration, plus your intuition or personal social insight and experience. The results are great. It helps you to raise your enthusiasm and motivation to pursue the most difficult goals with the confidence you need to make that first step. Most important it respects the environment and people, over time.
Why it should be recognized:
The solution should be recognized because when we train a leader and people follow the leader, soon we have a "flock" of leaders doing the right thing. In this case, if decision makers learn to take into consideration the physical, social and economic impacts of their actions now and over time, per a sound methodology, and apply this same reasoning to all major decisions they make, being personal or professional, soon other decision makers will copy, thus triggering a major change in the way people make decisions- a change in the world. The impact of these personal, business, corporate or government sustainable decisions will have a very different aggregate result than we see in our word today. The long term impacts of decisions will be taken into consideration as the Iroquois Indians, up to the 7th generation. We will start using our resources more responsibly, feeling happy seeing the results, and prosperity will improve all around.
On Mar 05, 2013 vera.raica said: As a person very concerned with our planet. I was very impressed with Patricia Materrazi, sustainaibility Synthesis. It helped me to see ,step, by step how to find the answers that we can apply to our lives and business. She was able to create a framework.
On Mar 05, 2013 karen.mehringer said: Patricia's Sustainability Synthesis helped me to see various aspects of a decision I hadn't considered before. It is a powerful model.
On Mar 05, 2013 lisa.cole said: I've actually had the benefit of using Patrizia's framework, and it helped me significantly to make an important decision for my business.
On Feb 22, 2013 portia.shao said: Patrizia's Sustainability Synthesis is a great way to help people make the correct decisions when it matters. She looks at the issues from several angles one may not have thought of and enlightens the decision making process.
On Feb 21, 2013 randy_.klein said: Very comprehensive and well thought out. Looks like a long framework for saving the earth.
Submitted: Jan 31, 2013
Author: Patrizia Materassi
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