103. Glass Bay - Mendocino
Fort Bragg (FB) in a coastal city in Mendocino county California, known for un spoilt natural beauty, which is why tourism is a major earner. However tourism is not enough. Fort Bragg CA is a city in socio economic decline. Because of insufficient economic activity to create jobs, production and circulation of capital. Problem: A major reason for the economic stagnation is due to closure of the largest employer and production giant, “The Lumber Mill”. The Mill Site is 400 acres of prime sea front land incorporated in 1891. The mill was shut down in 2002 by Georgia Pacific (GP). Opportunity: The public of Fort Bragg has embraced the mill site as the future of Fort Bragg. The city has bought part of the land. City residents are congruent about seeing it develop into a “destination” for sustainable investors and organizations who develop these 400 acres of prime waterfront into a eco smart model of business and residence.
Purchase the Mill Site and create a modern socio economic zone. Naming it Glass Bay www.glassbay.us Populating it with Triple Bottom Line (3BL) savvy businesses and residents. Who capitalize regional resources optimally, to create restorative financial, social and environmental footprints HOW? PROJECT 1 Creating and Launching a financial instrument. “Term Certificate of Sustainable Investment”. Offering subscription to San Francisco stock exchange and chamber of commerce through a leading underwriter for a) Purchase b) Development c) Launch of Glass Bay on (below) plan/outline. FOR WHAT? 1. Workforce and Skill Development 1a. Solution: “X University” at Glass Bay: www.edex.edu 1b. Solution: Partnership with Training & Education providers in California/US 2. In-ward Investment 2a. Solution: Business and Residential Construction through Partnership with Bank/s 2b. Solution: Incentives to Inward Investors: a) Long Term Subsidies b) Operating Incentives c) Tax Cuts d) Grants e) One-Window Setup Service 3. Problem: Sustainable Energy Generation 3a. Solution: Thermal & Solar (hybrid) Energy Generation: For Self Sufficiency of Glass Bay & Fort Bragg. 3b. Solution: Waste and Water Management Facility 4. Problem: Growth of Organic-Food Collectives 4a. Solution: Farmer’s Market in Glass Bay 4b. Solution: Loans & Subsidized Agric essentials for Farmers 4c. Solution: Brand Creation of Organic Mendocino Produce & Distribution in US. 5. Problem: Access to Region 5a. Solution: Not For Profit (NFP) Air Service. San Francisco to/from Fort Bragg. 5b. Solution: Daily NFP Direct Bus From San Francisco to Mendocino. 5c. Solution: A Crowd Sourced, Carpool-Service Web Portal, for Mendocino County. HOW? PROJECT 2 By Creating an “Investment Vehicle”. Which is a major missing link, in ushering investment into the region. www.investmendocino.us (URL not active yet) Which comprises of: a) A crowd sourcing Website which incubates, consolidates and funds the number of ventures proposed for Glass Bay, Manages it’s customer service, advertising & public relationship building for assisting investors/investment. b) Head Office in San Francisco c) Regional Office and Investor Retreat in Fort Bragg d) Partner Offices/Desks in California/US e) Create 5-10 Fulltime Employees of www.investmendocino.us OUTCOMES TARGETED through project 1 & 2: • REMEDIATION: Quicker sustainable remediation of the highly polluted southern area of mill site • NATURE: Restoration of sections of the site as open space, habitat for native flora and fauna • PRODUCTION: Shift from extractive industries (fishing and logging) to regenerative industries (cultivation of kelp and redwood forests to fix carbon, funded by carbon investment funds) • EDUCATION: Investment in human capital (university, marine and restorative science center -- affiliated with the best universities in the US and developing sustainability/environmental education, in coordination with industry players for purposes of re-training existing workforce and training new workers. • SMB - Center for arts and crafts (fine arts, wood-working, poetry, writing, dance, etc.) providing housing and studio space for artists and artisans, as well as performance space to enhance tourist industry • TECHNOLOGY: Collaboration with organizations to provide eco friendly spaces to work for developers and for basing satellite project offices. • CITY INTEGRATION: Integration with town to ensure downtown vitality. • SMART UTILITIES: smart, resilient infrastructure for communications, recycled water, renewable energy, highest green building standards to ensure low energy demands, comfort and health. Water capture and management to ensure sustainable year round supply of potable water • TRANSPORTATION: between Ft Bragg and central California and SF Bay Area (bus, rail, air) • GREEN HOUSE: Green house agriculture (organic, biodynamic, re-enforced structure to withstand increasingly intense wind, storms, drought and other consequences of climate change. • AGRICULTURAL GROWTH: Farmers' market for local produce from the region, as well as the green houses. • BRAND CREATION OF LOCAL BUSINESSES: Ex: Expanded coffee roasting and Organic Produce and all other businesses that leverage the crowd-investor sourcing expertise of www.investmendocino.us • HOUSING: Residential development that supports multi-age co-housing, senior housing. See current statistics/position http://city.fortbragg.com/cdd/Business Start-up.html Figures for improvement targeted. See attached document with this submission.
Why it should be recognized:
1. Replication Potential: The United States is dotted by former Lumber Mill Sites which are today redundant and the cities around them continue to be affected. This model can serve as an example of how smart use of land and crowd sourced sustainable investment can create an eco system to turn a region around by the public and private investor. 2. Regional Regeneration by Local Resource Optimization: The combination of a) Human Capital Development b) Investment/Entrepreneurship and Construction c) Clean Energy d) Organic Food Production e) Access for All. Those are building blocks of sustainable society and accelerating those through Glass Bay is a project which holistically consolidates key areas of importance. It will be a best of breed project/showcase of its kind. 3. Standards for Success: The project technically draws from best practice systems and standards such as a) United Nations Global Compact b) Social Performance Task Force c) Global Reporting Initiative d) Investors in People e) World Business Council for Sustainable Development and a number of Regulators. As well from partnerships with local sustainable development organizations active in the region.
On Apr 05, 2013 Babar Yousuf said: Dear EXPERTS: One thing that I think got a bit confused for all the experts which I hope somehow can be rectified is that it is a FINANCIAL solution ONLY. It says financial solution now but previously when the rating was taking place there was a bit of a confusion because ALL the other categories were given (top right of page) and the Financial Solution category was missing when this solution was being rated. That was corrected later when I wrote to SSV about it.

ALL IT IS IN THE FIRST PHASE IS A FINANCIAL SOLUTION. The rest of the areas, activities, projects and steps outlined are possible and all of those exist in this world if the money is there to go ahead with it, but the finances and motivation to populate this part of the world does not exist today! THAT is the core issue that I am proposing to tackle. THAT is the beauty of this solution.

Most of the expert comments are exactly what my concerns are with the project (I privately have access to my ratings and experts comments) and if the experts could see the solution only as a financial solution then what I am proposing stands distinctly seperate from all other categories and stand alone in the category of financial solution this is a relevant solution which tackles the most fundamental question which is that "All these projects for uplift outlined in Glassbay are ambitious and great but where is the money are the investors?", Once you understand that this is a financial solution proposing a) A Sustainability finance BOND floated on the market b) A Crowd Funding web portal; then one can perhaps better understand what this solution is getting at. The fact is that launching this project in the 1st phase focuses ONLY on a financial solution and NOT a brick and mortar effort is the KEY to understanding this solution in the essence.

How can I communicate this important fact to the experts who rated my solution? I feel if this point is well understood they would perhaps care to view, edit and rate the solution accordingly for being a financial solution.

Thanks and Regards,
On Mar 18, 2013 vivien.lamothe said: This project seems to have the capability to revitalize a community which was devastated by the departure of jobs from an extraction industry, and provide an opportunity to grow an extreme-green eco-oasis, which can serve as prototype for many other communities in similar plights.
Submitted: Jan 31, 2013
Author: Babar Yousuf
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