Through an intergral materials management approach, organizations can begin to change the way society protects the environment and conserves resources for future generations.

The utimate goal is a systemic approach that seeks to promote sustainable materials use, integrating actions targeted at reducing negative environmental impacts and preserving natural capital throughout the life-cycle of materials, taking into account economic efficiency and social equity.


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Sustainable Supply Chain

The Harvard Business Review  asked Peter Senge of the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT the following question: Q: What does it take for an organization to get serious about issues like water, energy, and waste in its supply...

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Diverting Waste Tools and Resources

Tools & Resources   Plastic Film Recycling Does your company see a lot of plastic film? The plastic grocery bag is a commonly seen plastic film, but much of the plastic wrap in product packaging is the same material,...

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The Conflict Mineral Act

The Conflict Mineral Act: A Chance to Effect Change Companies can be vocal about upholding human rights as part of their core values. They are in a unique position to pressure suppliers to eliminate conflict minerals from the supply chain. In...

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