Dear Friends of SSV,

We hope you and your family are keeping well through these trying times as you handle challenges both large and small. We salute the medical professionals on the front lines of this fight as well as first responders and essential service providers and food people in groceries, restaurants and farms and postal and delivery workers too. We are grateful for every caregiver and every Mom (and engaged Dads, too) entertaining and schooling their young kids. We will get through this, hopefully more mindful of our value and our values, more appreciative of our neighbors and community and more determined than ever to work together towards a healthier, resilient and equitable Bay Area.  

One useful thing you can do when you have five minutes is to fill out your Census form. Good governance combines the efforts of the governed actively engaging with their government. We’ve been lucky to see more of the good and less of the bad throughout our region and state, but we all now have a sense of how fragile our lives can become. We now have, as Bucky Fuller once remarked, the option to “make it” successfully and sustainably as we rebuild our shared future.

All of us here at SSV are working behind the scenes preparing for the day when we can get up and out and moving about. Until then, we wanted to introduce you to Sostenible SV, our brand-new Spanish language outlet debuting on Twitter as @BahiaSostenible. Give it a look and a follow. We also present below some links of inspiration and practicality, good resources for both body and mind. Stay safe and thrive in place!

Looking forward
to remaking 
the best Bay Area
we can imagine,

Jennifer Thompson & Dennis Murphy