Photo of Climate Strike September 20, 2019 in Mountain View, CA. 

Many of use recognize we have a climate emergency. However, the CoP (Conference of Parties)  in Madrid  produced little to go forward with.1  The conditions are accelerating the Climate Emergency, but we are standing aside. Instead of action, we  are letting the climate emergency get worse.

The youth of the world are responding to the Climate Emergency, speaking truth to power.  Greta Thunberg put a spotlight on youth climate involvement with her Time Person of the Year award.

2  She is one of the most noteworthy youth climate evangelists addressing  the climate emergency.  However, she is not the only one.   So , why is she (and other youth climate evangelists) so effective and noteworthy?

Youth  Suffer the Most

Youth  and future generations are the ones who will suffer the most from the climate emergency. So, long after many of us have departed from the earth, they will be here. It is not clear exactly what the earth will be like at that time.  As a result, those who remain will have to live with the conditions we provided. Therefore, they have every right to question our stewardship of planet earth.

Mass Extinction Six

We are now in Mass Extinction Six3  . The earth has gone through 5 mass extinctions already. Humans are causing the sixth one now. Life goes on after a mass extinction. However, the flora and fauna change. At the end of this mass extinction, the earth will still be here, but we may not be.

Daughters’ Response  to the Climate Emergency

The Climate Emergency  is the concern of Mountain View Vice Mayor Abe-Koga’s daughters. They asked their mother if there will be a place for them on the planet in their later years.

Very Articulate Youth

Many youths are very articulate talking about the Climate Emergency. They also talk about solutions.  They cannot vote (yet), but they can state now what their concerns are, and they will be at the ballot box when they can vote. They can voice their concerns and solutions to those of us who can vote.

Youths are Passionate about the Climate Emergency

Youth  are very passionate about the Climate Emergency, which they should be. It is the balance of their life which is in danger. The passion is seen in climate marches with up to 3000 people 4 . TheMarch was from Diridon Station to City Hall. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors celebrated the event. 5

VTA Meeting with Youth speaking for more bus support.

Youth climate activists tesiifying at a Vallley Transit Authority (VTA) December 5, 2019 board meeting

Two high school students, Lexie Crilley and Jamie Minden, are very active in discussing the Climate Emergency. They are active in Silicon Valley Youth Climate Strikes. Both are also active in their school environmental programs. Lexie and Jamie have testified at Los Altos and Mountain View City Council meetings.  Both have led sections of the Youth Climate  strike and been a witness at public meetings like the VTA board meeting6

Youth  recognize the need for better mass transit.  Jamie Minden was one of 30 people who testified at the VTA monthly board meeting. About  80% of the people who spoke at the VTA meeting were students or young adults. (meeting minutes)

Next Steps

We can expect youth climate activists to be part of the landscape.  So, we need their clear message and passion to put the earth right. We must listen to them and ensure we help them help us restore the planet. In addition, we can join environmental groups ourselves to move this forward.





5 “BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Clara does hereby recognize and commend the Silicon Valley Youth Climate Strike Organizers for bringing together thousands of climate protesters through a march from Diridon Station to San José City Hall and a rally at the San José City Hall steps to signify a powerful new wave of the climate justice movement.”


Full agenda, Page 16 of 366,